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this plant based butter serves my baking needs as well as my family's dairy replacement for butter

The Best!

This is a fantastic drink, and it goes beyond perfectly with coffee. Great product.


Utterly, butterly, delicious...that is Goodmylk butter!

Butter- Premium, Cultured, Salted - 200 g

Good substitute for dairy milk

Found the product very good...

Mylk Subscription (200 ml - Pack of 5)

Best chocolate mylk

It's a good beverage. A fantastic idea. A family favorite. The fridge is always stocked.


Amazing chocolate mylk. Don't miss the dairy at all! Wish it came in 1L/ sugar free options too.

Ranch Dressing - 250 gm
himanshi gupta

Must try

Mylk | Chocolate - 600 ml
Gayatri Krishnan

Excellent to taste - enjoying

Peanut curd

Flavourful! You never miss dairy curd!

Mylk | Chocolate - 600 ml

Smooth subscription experience

Have been using Goodmylk for almost 2 years now. Had subscription delivery issues earlier but the last one- 3 months was without any issues.


Awesome taste

i use it for tea. The taste is good

Good product

Nice product absolutely suitable for baking

Eco friendly option

The big carton def helps leave a greener footprint with the same delish mylk..

Creamy healthy curd

I usually make my peanut curd at home.. which means it's a given that peanut curd is worth the effort coz it is that tasty tasty healthy.. but for those I dont want to make anything days, this is so handy.. no messy vessels.. and the container is reusable too.. thank for making it available on BBasket too..

Good sugar free option

It's amazing to see a brand grow this quick and its only because it keeps customer needs at its core.. thank you for the sugar free alternative too.. def comes in handy for the ones who like their chai sugar free..

The best chai ever..

I cant believe I waited for ever to try this in my chai.. my non vegan family cant make out the difference either.. it's the best alternative to put in your chai..

Curd - 1 kg
Vijaya Venkatasubramanian


Delicious and Vegan!

I made paneer bhurji out of this and the taste was on point. You can't tell it apart from a regular paneer based version!

Mylk to Mayo - ships in select cities

Paneer - 200 gm
Shambhavi Baikerikar
Really good vegan paneer

The paneer is very soft and has a light taste. It tastes almost like dairy paneer. It's the best vegan alternative to dairy paneer in Indian dishes.