Baker's Bundle - Goodmylk
Baker's Bundle - Goodmylk

Baker's Bundle

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Delicious, decadent, dairy free, dessert!

That's what desserts should be, and that's exactly what we had in mind when we created this bundle for confectioners and dessert lovers alike. 

Whether it's a fresh batch of cookies you crave, or some rich brownies, we've got everything you'll need to create all your favourites! It makes replacing dairy with Goodmylk as easy as throwing the "i" out of m*lk and replacing it with a "y". 

We've added a little something to make things easier for you - a recipe book that even includes little tips and tricks to help you get started in your journey. Here at Goodmylk, it’s not just about creating the best products. It’s about creating products that’s best for everyone!


Mylk (of choice)  - 2 L (10 packs of 200 ml)

Butter - 200 gm (1 packs of 200 g)