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Butter (unsalted) - 100 gm - Goodmylk
Butter (unsalted) - 100 gm - Goodmylk
Butter (unsalted) - 100 gm - Goodmylk

Butter (unsalted) - 100 gm

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Let's be honest—Peanut and Almond butters don't really cut it. They're more spreads than butters. We've always wanted a plant-based butter option that actually works. Look no further—this butter melts, spreads, and behaves like a dream on your Pav Bhaji or Masala Dosa. What's more? It's actually shelf-stable!

Ingredients: Edible Vegetable oil and fats (hydrogenated, interesterified and blended), Water, Emulsifiers (471, 471b), Potassium Sorbate, Citric acid, Sesame oil, and Vitamin A

How we compare to Dairy butter:

Dairy Butter Goodmylk Butter
Energy 730 KCal 765 KCal
Fat 81 g 85 g
Cholesterol 215 mg 0 g
Vitamin A 450 μg 900 μg
Trans-fatty acids 3.3 g 0 g
Saturated-fatty acids 51 g 65 g
We've got no cholesterol, no trans-fat, and twice the Vitamin A as butter!

Shelf life: Four months from MFD at room temperature