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Cooking Essentials - Goodmylk
Cooking Essentials - Goodmylk

Cooking Essentials

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Whether you prefer pancakes or cereal in the morning, tea or coffee in the evening, or pasta at night, with our plant-based products, you won’t have to compromise on your dairy needs.

From mylk that’s the better milk, to butter that melts and spreads, replacing regular dairy is as easy as fixing a bowl of cereal.

So go ahead, create all your favourite dishes without any limits. After all, your dishes deserve the best ingredients.

To make things easier, we’ve added a little recipe book that even includes some tips and tricks to help you get started. 


Mylk (of choice) - 1 L (5 packs of 200 ml)

Butter - 200 g (1 packs of 200 g)

Cheddar cheese - 200 g (1 pack of 200 g)

Paneer - 200 g (1 pack of 200 g)

Parmesan - 100 g (1 pack of 100 g)

Curd - 1 kg (1 pack of 1 kg)