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Mylk | Sure, No Sugar - 200 ml (Pack of 5)

Mylk | Sure, No Sugar - 200 ml (Pack of 5)

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We've had a lot of people asking for this. So we figured, “sure, no sugar!” It's mylk, minus the sugar. No sugar at all. Not even a pinch. 

You can use it just like you'd use mylk! It works just as well. No cholesterol, no preservatives, no dairy, and certainly no sugar. Mylk without sugar is no less than its slightly sweetened counterpart. Sometimes, less is more.

Sugar-free mylk is essential in any plant-based kitchen, so it’s always a good idea to have some around just in case!

100% Vegan | Lactose-free | Preservative Free

Ingredients: Cashew-oat mylk (filtered water, cashews, oats). Contains 2% or less of Sunflower oil, Dipotassium phosphate, Guar gum.

Nutrition Information per 100 ml (Approximate Values)

Energy – 42 KCal
Total Fat – 4 g
Saturated Fat – 0.6 g
Trans Fat – 0 g
Cholesterol – 0 g

Total Carbohydrate – 0.6 g
Sugar – 0.2 g
Dietary Fiber – 0.2 g
Protein – 0.8 g

Shelf life: Six months from date of manufacture.

Storage: The product can be stored at room temperature. After opening, refrigerate and consume within 3 days. Freezing the product is not recommended.

Customer Reviews

Based on 118 reviews
Anandi Ramanathan
Good substitute for dairy milk

Found the product very good...

Sridhar Ramachandran

Awesome taste

komal bhanver

i use it for tea. The taste is good

shraddha Sakpal
Good product

Nice product absolutely suitable for baking

Kesava B.

This mylk tastes a little more neutral than the one with sugar added. Would recommend trying both to get a feel for which one suits your purposes better.

The 200ml packs are handy since it's often hard to finish a 1L pack within 3 days.