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Parmesan Cheese - 100 g - Goodmylk
Parmesan Cheese - 100 g - Goodmylk
Parmesan Cheese - 100 g - Goodmylk

Parmesan Cheese - 100 g

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Use our cashew-based parmesan on everything - pizzas, garlic bread, salads, spaghetti, pasta, mac & cheese, mashed potatoes, fries, popcorn, soups and more. 

Sprinkle sprinkle, little star.

Ingredients: Cashews, salt, nutritional yeast. 

Nutrition Information per 5 gm (Approximate Values)

Energy – 27.9 KCal
Total Fat – 2.03 g
Saturated Fat – 0.35 g
Trans Fat – 0 g
Added Sugar - 0 g
Total Sugar - 0.36 g
Cholesterol – 0 mg
Total Carbohydrate – 1.65 g
Protein – 1.12 g

Shelf life: Six months from date of manufacture.

Storage: Store in room temperature. Refrigeration not required.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Ankur Jain
Delicious Parmesan Cheese

Delicious Parmesan Cheese, I added it to my macaroni and it tasted just like real cheese 🧀

Snimer K Sahni
Good alternative to dairy

I enjoyed the vegan parmesan cheese, especially the fact that it has no additives. For my tastes it could do with a bit less salt though

Atul Balaji
Loved it!

Really tastes great!

Anurag Tagat

The plastic bottle's lid was faulty, which meant I couldn't fully close it. As a result, when I was trying to sprinkle a small amount, a lot fell out!

Packaging aside, the taste is wholesome and can make any pasta/dish better.