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Mylk that tastes like milk

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Love the curd! Love the new package so eco friendly. And the delivery guy is so thoughtful he just kept it by the door coz he knew that we were sleeping at 7am! 

Namrata Kumar

I tried Goodmylk's cashew-oat milk recently, and I loved it! The taste of cashew is subtle and not overpowering, and it is naturally sweet and delicious! Would definitely recommend the cashew-oat milk :) It's a great substitute for dairy, and tastes so much better than the other vegan alternatives available in the market (such as peanut, almond, soy, etc.) I'm a big fan!

Sanjana Ramkumar

I make sandwiches often and wasn't really satisfied with sunflower oil I was using.  This time I prepared them with Goodmylk butter and my sister was totally going gaga about it. Thanks for providing such a great alternative and leading in building vegan ecosystem in Bengaluru.

Nitin Jain

I have tried Goodmylk's peanut curd and the cashew-oat mylk. Both products are fantastic!

My family and I tried the cashew oat mylk with coffee and we loved it. The mylk, when consumed raw, has a distinct vanilla flavor which gives the coffee a taste reminiscent of the latte you get at Starbucks. It also tastes great in smoothies and shakes.

Karthik Upadhya

Goodmylk peanut yoghurt / curd is just fantastic, really delicious and tasty :)

Very good product indeed :)

Keep up the good work

Shyam Madan

I’ve craved mosru anna in Sydney since I became vegan and haven’t been lucky. Tried Goodmylk today and was so impressed and blown away. From emails to delivery to actual product. Absolutely recommend for those you transitioning or just wanting to try a healthier option. So similar in texture and taste to dairy. If I could get this in Sydney, I’d be a dedicated customer. Very impressed.

Chethana Padki

Peanut curd is yummy. The best match for Puliyogare rice. The best ingredient for Raitha for Pulav. It is the best alternative for regular curd.

Sujatha Kashyap

i've tried both this and their dairy free curd.. just brilliant.. melted the butter on some sweet corn in the micro-wave and also ate chappathis with this butter... i eat the dairy free curd everyday with rice.. while in the beginning i could get peanut aftertaste, but over time i find i can barely taste it. I find myself suspicious and wondering if it's really vegan.. feels just like curd, happy stomach feeling included. i just love this company and i love how they're taking it one product at a time and perfecting it.. :)

Ramya Bhat

All these products. Cashew-Oat milk, peanut curd and Vegan butter. Goodmylk is the best.
It was simply amazing. The sample i received was lit AF.
Goodmylk's all products as of now are the best.
In future Goodmylk is going to be number 1 threat to dairy industry.

Ramasubramanian VH